Developing Your CV

Let’s Talk About CV’s

In my extensive discussions with clients over the years, they are overwhelmed with the number of CVs and the length of CVs that they typically go through. 

Of course, my job is to package your CV in a way that the client takes the shortest time to scrutinise your credentials and mentally match the job to you as the candidate. However, you have to think like an employer and a recruiter too. 

Empathise as an employer and pretend reading countless CVs. How would you choose?  How can you sell yourself? What would make an impact?  Why must you choose you?

What makes your CV stand out?


1. Cover Page

Your cover page is your elevator speech that will get the attention of the employer in just a few seconds but no longer than a minute.  You must use keywords that are aligned to the job and how your skill set will address the job requirements.

2. Infographics

We live in a visual world and a professional photograph with infographics will make you stand out in a whole bunch of CVs. This is typically visual art on a page and is worth the investment.

3. The Actual CV

Biographical Information – condense your name, ID, address, email and contact numbers to just a few lines.

A table listing of your experience in reverse chronological order (most recent job to old job). The columns are Position, Company, Duration (including start date and end date), Responsibilities and Skills attained.

Strengths and Weaknesses (of course, nobody is perfect but every great leader knows their strengths and weaknesses. Demonstrate how you are working on overcoming your weaknesses).

Academic qualifications

References. The references must be aligned to the jobs that you held, and they must be able to confirm your responsibilities.  

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