About Us

Client Engagement

We’re a niched recruitment company that takes time to understand the job requirements so that the best candidates can be found and placed. Our approach is relationship-based that ensures the critical success factors are met and a long-lasting relationship is established.

We take further time to understand your expectations, culture of the organisation, and management philosophy. Our pricing model is competitive but also ensures quality candidates.

We focus on placements for:

  • IT
  • Engineering
  • Supply Chain
  • Office Support

Our Methodology

Client Briefing
We understand the requirements, expectations and critical success factors for the job. The culture of the organisation and management philosophy is also carefully understood. The output of this engagement is a detailed specification.
The Strategy
Our approach is to ensure that we target the correct candidates through our sourcing techniques and only provide a few relevant CVs. We will provide you with constant communication throughout the process. 
Candidate Sourcing
We have a database of candidates but also use various media for sourcing potential candidates.

  • Advertising on Job Portals
  • Social Media
  • Referral networks such as from clients, contractors and permanent staff
Candidate Screening
We identify a shortlist of candidates that match the placement requirements. One or more interviews are conducted to ensure the perfect fit for the role.  We then write a report on each of the candidates exhibiting their strengths and weaknesses; and take your guidance on the candidates.
Candidate Interviews with Client
Once you are satisfied with a shortlist of matched candidates, we arrange with you, for the perfect times for conducting the interview.
Candidate Checks
We offer the following verification checks.

  • Identification and verification checks
  • Credit Check
  • Criminal Check
  • Fraud listing Check
  • Professional Membership Check
  • Reference Checks
  • Salary and Benefits verification Check
Candidate Placement
Our engagement is not complete upon placement. Instead we continuously work with you and the placement to ensure that value is created in the first 100 days.
Feedback from Client and Candidate
We contact the candidate to immediately obtain feedback.  We then contact you receive your feedback. We gain knowledge through this feedback and enhance any other interviews going forward. If the candidate is successful, then we will continue with the various candidate verification checks. If the candidate is unsuccessful, we will keep him appraised and provide feedback as the candidate may be required for other positions within the organisation.


Founder & Co-owner
Ma-Cha Niemand
064 552 0582

Werner Niemand
079 891 6355

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